design services

Boccanfuso & Company can offer primary design services for individuals looking for some design help.  We work with veteran architects and Interior Designers who are extremely willing to take your every need into account and incorporate it into your home.  Whether you have your own floor plans, or are in need of plans to be created for you, we will be there every step of the way to ensure the most positive experience, and that you achieve the results you expect when building or renovating your home.

Remodeling and renovation 

Boccanfuso & Company has extensive experience in the renovation field. Through the vision and experience of our owner and his team, we are able to offer a variety of services and options to get your renovation project underway and completed. When designing your kitchen and bath, we offer you computer aided cabinet plans to get a better picture of what your ideas will look like when they are laid out. This provides a clear low pressure environment to gather all the information and sculpt it into different variations of what your vision could look like. During this time we are able to make recommendations and offer you the material of your choice for the design that you want.   

New Construction

Building a new custom home for your family is one of the most exciting and important things you can do in your lifetime. Whether it's a starter home for re-sale or a home that will become part of the legacy you may leave behind, at Boccanfuso & Company we make sure that your ideas become one with the finished product. Paying attention to the small details is what differentiates us from our competitors. It's the small details that direct the grand scope of the project that we pride ourselves on executing to perfection. Our approach focuses on creating a collaborative experience with the owner, architect and subcontractors all working harmoniously together to create your home.  Our goal is to achieve your vision for the home. It exemplifies who you are and the way you want to live. We are extremely confident in our ability to incorporate everything you want into a new structure while conforming to modern construction techniques.

Excavation and Masonry

The foundation is the core of every structure. At Boccanfuso & Company we offer full excavation and masonry services. Whether a foundation needs to be dug, or one needs to be dug and poured, we are fully equipped to handle any site development plan with our experienced concrete team. Working with concrete requires skill. It's not as simple as just pouring a slab or filling a form. Careful selection of which concrete to use in different applications is essential in a structurally sound foundation. As well as rod thickness, location of rod placement, and the amount of rod used. All of these factors must be planned and evaluated for each type of use to ensure the longevity of the concrete.  Once completed, we offer a full array of stone choices to cover the walls or construct any masonry project you may have. 

Small Projects and Maintenance

At Boccanfuso & Company we sweat the small stuff. We understand that every relationship revolves around service. In addition to our larger new construction and renovation projects, we accommodate the small projects for our customers as well. Whether it's a simple paint or flooring rehab, we will bring the same quality and attention to detail to everyone and everything. We understand that there are many variations when it comes to small things, which is why we have experienced contractors ready to make repairs on your existing plumbing, electrical or HVAC systems.  Our goal is to be here for you and for your every home improvement need.